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Ask the Right Questions to Guide Your Master Scheduling Process

Designing an effective, student-centered master schedule is a year-round process that involves deep conversations, planning, and decision-making. Are you asking the right questions each month to guide your conversations with students, staff, and stakeholders?

  • September - Reflect and Set Goals 

  • October - Prepare the Course Catalog

  • November - Review Key Changes and Prepare Your SIS

  • December - Gather Information and Prepare for the Master Scheduling Process

  • January - Promote New Courses and Plan 1-on-1 Conferences 

  • February - Review and Clean Up Data 

  • March - Make Decisions About Staffing Needs

  • April - Begin Building Your Master Schedule 

  • May - Review Data and Share Information with Stakeholders

  • June - Analyze the Schedule and Prepare for the First Day of School

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